15 Photos That Will Change How You Look At The Blind

When Ruben Plasencia Caninobegan brainstorming a new photo project about prejudice, it didn’t take him long to decide on a subject — the blind.

Blind people, he felt, are unique because they are subject to prejudices, but can’t see other people to form their own, at least visually.

With his show “Obscure,” Plasencia wanted to force viewers to look directly into the eyes of people who can’t see.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Plasencia said he wants the photos to force viewers to confront the “incessant prejudices and stereotypes” that we project onto other people everyday.

While 39 million people in the world are blind, many of us never consider what it’s like to live without sight.

“In our society, just a small minority take the trouble to put themselves in the place of a blind person,” Plasencia told Slate.

To begin the project, Plasencia worked with ONCE, Spain’s national organisation for the blind. After spending two months photographing the blind, Plasencia found himself moved by the experience, which he says, “opened my eyes, and my heart, to a whole new world of sensations.”

Plasencia shared some of the striking photos with us below, but you can see the rest (and some of his other projects) at his website.

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