13 photos of royals riding public transportation show that they’re just like us

Queen Elizabeth takes the bus… Sometimes. Andrew Winning – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Truth be told, if a member of the royal family is spotted on public transportation, it’s usually a photo-op.

But that doesn’t make these photos of royals in the “real world” any less amusing.

Here are 13 photos of royals pretending to know how to use public transportation – and in rare cases, actually using it.

Queen Elizabeth visited the London Underground in 1977.

Riding the tube. Maurice Hibberd/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth passed though the tube gates at Heathrow Central in London.

She visited again for the London Underground’s 150th anniversary.

The London Underground. Chris Radburn – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth made an official visit to Baker Street Underground Station to mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground in 2013.

She boarded a high-speed Eurostar train at Waterloo International Station.

Queen Elizabeth boarded a high-speed Eurostar train at Waterloo International Station in 1994.

She takes the regular commuter train to Sandringham for Christmas every year.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip took a train to Sandringham from Kings Lynn train station to begin their Christmas holiday.

She always remembers to mind the gap.

Queen Elizabeth boarded a train at Kings Cross Station in London in 2009.

She’s also been known to hop on a bus from time to time.

On a bus. Andrew Winning – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth travelled on a Cambridgeshire Guided Bus to visit the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge in 2013.

Kate Middleton rode a 1960s-style bus for a charity event.

On a vintage bus. Carl Court – Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton rode with actress Barbara Windsor on a 1960s Routemaster bus as as they met staff and volunteers from a charity organisation in 2013.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry rode the Belmond British Pullman train at Paddington Station.

At Paddington Station. Jonathan Brady – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry attended the Charities Forum event to join children from the charities they support onboard the Belmond British Pullman train at Paddington Station in 2017.

Prince Harry rode a New London Bus in New York City with then-Prime Minister David Cameron.

Prince Harry and Prime Minister David Cameron arrive by New London Bus for an event in New York City in 2013.

Prince William toured a Crossrail train in Derby, England.

A Crossrail train. Joe Giddens – WPA Pool/Getty Images

He even got to test drive it, as well as meet the manufacturers.

Prince Charles toured facilities that build London Underground trains.

On the tube. Arthur Edwards – WPA Rota /Getty Images

Prince Charles toured facilities and met employees working on London Underground tube trains in 2012.

He and Camilla have taken the train together.

Riding the train. Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Camilla and Prince Charles travelled on a Metropolitan underground train from Farringdon to King’s Cross as to mark 150 years of London Underground in 2013.

They have been seatmates on the bus, too.

Prince Charles and Camilla visited the family-owned Wrightbus company in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, in 2013.


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