Here's Your Guide To The American TV Reporters Covering The Royal Wedding

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What you won’t see on the day Prince William marries Kate Middleton is the enormous swarm of cameramen and correspondents shoulder-to-shoulder across London.

But you need to know who’s in that line — how else can you strategize your channel-flipping wedding viewing?

Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters will make polite conversation on one end of the dial, while at the other, virtually everyone from “Today” except Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb will giggle and swat each other.

(We kind of hope Lee and Kotb trash the others’ dressing rooms as revenge.)

ABC: Diane Sawyer will do measured play-by-play...

ABC: While Barbara Walters inevitably name-drops.

ABC: India Hicks, who was a bridesmaid of Princess Diana's, will contribute.

CBS: Katie Couric's contract leaves her plenty of time to cover the royal event.

CBS: Backing her up will be (clockwise from top left) Ben Tracy, Michelle Miller, Troy Roberts and Elizabeth Palmer.

CBS: Royals expert Victoria Arbiter will be special correspondent.

Fox: Joan Lunden, who also covered Charles and Diana's nuptials, will be a special correspondent. (No news yet on who else might be going. Joe Buck, perhaps?)

MSNBC: Royals expert Martin Bashir will anchor coverage.

MSNBC: And Chris Jansing will balance him out.

Fox News: Shep Smith will lend some gravitas to the occasion.

Fox News: And Martha MacCallum will back him up.

E!: Giuliana Rancic will oversee a gaggle of breathless celeb hunters.

CNN: Piers Morgan will be back in his comfort zone.

CNN: Cat Deeley will add a dash of local glamour.

CNN: Cheeky Richard Quest will of course be involved.

CNN: Anderson Cooper will try to pretend this is worth his time.

CNN: And Kiran Chetry will... well, she'll be there, too.

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