The 14 Craziest Bets You Can Place On The Royal Wedding

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You can bet on pretty much anything these days and Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day is no exception.

Most online betting sites are accepting wagers on Friday’s Royal Wedding. You can bet on everything from the colour of the dress to who will get falling drown drunk.

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This is big business too. RJ Bell of sports betting website estimated that in England alone more than one million pounds (about 1.67 million US dollars) will be wagered on the wedding. 

We’ve compiled a list of the most intriguing prop bets available on internet gambling sites Bodog and Bookmaker, with both fractional and moneyline odds.

For those unfamiliar with fixed-odds betting, check out Wikipedia for a quick primer >

What colour wedding dress will Kate Middleton wear?



White +135 Pearl +300 Champagne +350 Cream +600 Vanilla +1,600 Almond +1,650 Grey +1,650 Gold +1,650 Lilac +1,650 Silver +1,650 Powder Blue +2,000 Ecru +2,000 Egg Shell +2,000 Lemon +2,500 Fawn +2,500 Beige +3,000 Pink +3,000 Nude +3,000 Brown +4,000 Black +4,000 Yellow +4,000 Green +4,000 Red +4,000Source:

What colour hat will the Queen wear?

Yellow 3/2 Blue 3/1 Pink 6/1 Purple 6/1 Apricot 13/2 Cream/Beige 7/1 Green 10/1 White 11/1 Brown 20/1 Orange 20/1 Red 20/1 Black 25/1 Grey 25/1Source:

What will be the estimated total amount of worldwide TV viewers of the Royal Wedding?

Over 1.75 billion -120 Under 1.75 billion -120Source:

Will the wedding car break down on the way to Westminster Abbey?

Must be according to BBC

Yes +5,000


Which of these guests will be seen crying during the ceremony?

Tears must be visible

Kate's Mother
3/2 Kate's Sister
5/2 Kate's Father
10/1 The Queen 12/1 Prince Charles 25/1 Prince Harry 25/1 Prince Philip 25/1Source:

Will Kate get the order of Prince William's names wrong during the vows?

Yes +2,000


Will Prince Harry drop the wedding ring during the ceremony?

Yes +2,500

And will Prince Harry forget the wedding rings?

Yes +10,000


Will Prince Harry get drunk and pass out?

Yes +250 No -1,500Source:

What titles will the couple take?

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge -290 Duke & Duchess of Sussex +400 Duke & Duchess of Windsor +600 Duke & Duchess of Connaught +450 Prince & Princess William +800 Duke & Duchess of Kendal +1,500

How long will their first kiss be after they tie the knot?

0-3 seconds -150 3.01-6 seconds +130 6.01-10 seconds +550 10.01 secs - 1 min +2,500 Over 1 min +25,000Source:

Where will the couple go for their honeymoon?

Africa +350 Canada +350 Turks & Caicos +375 British Virgin Isl. +440 Scotland +440 Wales +440 Anguilla +550 Go on a cruise +700 None of the above -110 More than 1 +180Source:

What will be the colour of the bikini Kate wears in the first shot from the honeymoon?

The photo must be published in British newspapers

White 2/1 Black 5/2 Blue 5/1 Cream 6/1 Green 8/1 Red 8/1 Yellow 12/1 Other 2/1Source:

How long will the royal marriage last?

1 Year +400 1 (+1 day) - 2 Years +380 2 (+1 day) - 3 Years +300 3 (+1 day) - 4 Years +220 4 (+1 day) - 5 Years +200 More than 5+100


And the longest of long shots: Will Kate jilt Prince William at the altar?

Yes +50,000


There's no prop bet, but will Prince William & Kate's big day match up to these weddings?

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