There’s a bizarre tradition of weighing each member of the royal family before and after Christmas dinner, and Meghan Markle and Doria Ragland might have to take part

The fab four on Christmas Day in 2017. Chris Jackson/Getty Images
  • Members of the royal family apparently weigh themselves before and after Christmas dinner.
  • That’s according to royal biographer and commentator Ingrid Seward, who spoke to Grazia about their traditions.
  • The ritual apparently dates back to the early 1900s when King Edward VII was concerned people weren’t eating enough.
  • The weigh-in applies to everyone, meaning Meghan Markle and her mother Doria Ragland, who is reportedly attending, could have to step on the scales.

Every family has its own quirky holiday traditions, but an odd ritual from the British royal family just might top them all.

A bizarre tradition that apparently dates back to the early 1900s sees each royal weigh themselves before and after Christmas dinner.

While discussing the Christmas traditions the royals abide by in the latest issue of Grazia, royal biographer and commentator Ingrid Seward explained that the queen asks each guest who arrives at Sandringham to weigh themselves using a pair of antique scales – then to step on them again before they leave the estate.

The idea is apparently to ensure the royals are being “well fed,”The Sun reports – which they certainly are, considering the royals apparently tuck into both a turkey dinner and an afternoon tea.

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The weird tradition apparently dates back to King Edward VII’s reign in the early 1900s, when His Majesty was apparently “concerned about people’s health and whether or not they were eating enough on Christmas,” according to Cosmopolitan.

Meanwhile, guests are also apparently expected to enter the dining room “in order of seniority” and wear paper hats (though the queen doesn’t wear one).

The weigh-in applies to everyone – meaning Meghan Markle and Doria Ragland may have to take part this year, since reports suggest The Duchess of Sussex’s mother has been invited, despite no in-laws having ever been invited in the past.

Seward told Grazia: “It is unusual for an outsider to be invited, but the royal family does change. I’m sure the royals will do everything in their power to make Doria feel at home.”

As long as she doesn’t mind sitting down last and stepping on the scales after tucking into a load of turkey, that is.