Royal Baby Is On The Way As Duchess Of Cambridge Goes Into Labour

Getty / Chris Jackson


The British Monarchy has confirmed the Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labour, with the baby that will be delivered at St Mary’s hospital in Paddington, London. It will be third in line to the throne and eventually monarch of Australia.

Getty / File

Prince William travelled to the hospital with her in a car – not in an ambulance – and a statement from Kensington Palace says the Duchess is in the “early stages of labour”.

The BBC’s Peter Hunt has reported Kate’s spokesman as saying “things are progressing as normal”.

The royal couple still don’t know the sex of the baby, although the Duchess said at an event some months ago when she said she would take a gift “for my d—” but then stopped herself. Some have interpreted this as a hint they’re having a girl.

The first person to learn about the baby’s birth will be the Queen. If the birth happens in the middle of the night London time, the world may have until the following morning to wait for an official announcement.

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