Photos Of The Incredible English Horse Racing Event That Makes The Kentucky Derby Look Amateurish

Royal Ascot

Photo: AP

If you thought Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat was eccentric, then you haven’t seen anything yet.Every year in June since 1711, Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, UK hosts the Royal family for Europe’s most prestigious horse race.

However, while the horse racing is great, there’s another reason to pay attention to Royal Ascot.

The hats.

While men are required to wear top hats when they attend the event, it’s the women who compete most with their extravagant head wear.

The competition to have the most ornate hat builds to a crescendo on the third day of the race, commonly referred to as Ladies Day.

A man and his companion cut a dashing silhouette.

A picnic hat.

Three guests try to protect their hats from the rain.

The Queen and Prince Philip make (relatively) conservative choices.

A flock of bird-hatted women.

A baby blue hat.

Strawberries make an appearance.

The hat plays a minor role in this outfit.

The hats can also be used to shield faces from wind and rain.

Designer Isabell Kristiensen dons an ornate number.

Champagne is the drink of choice for the hat wearing ladies.

A Gothic twist here.

Model Anneka Tanaka Svenska's outfit seems slightly impractical.

Another flowered hat.

Wooden horses remind us why this event is occurring.

Princess Beatrice seems wary of starting another meme so chooses this demure number.

And of course, more practical head wear from the jockeys!

Some fear the race is going downhill. This year there was a brawl in the Champagne Bar.

Meanwhile, in Greece, there's a real fight going on.

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