Roy Moore claims he took a polygraph test to dispute sexual misconduct claims

  • Former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore claims to have passed a polygraph test refuting claims of sexual misconduct in a lawsuit to block the certification of Alabama’s special election.
  • The complaint does not have the results of the polygraph attached.

Roy Moore, the Alabama GOP Senate candidate who lost to Democrat Doug Jones in December, claims to have taken a polygraph test to dispute allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

In a complaint aimed at blocking the certification of Alabama’s special election, which is scheduled to take place later on Thursday, Moore’s campaign makes accusations of voter fraud and smears against him.

Part of the complaint reads, “Moreover, Plaintiff Roy Moore has successfully completed a polygraph test confirming that the representations of misconduct made against him during the campaign are completely false.”

But the complaint does not included the results of the polygraph test in the attached affidavit. Moore claimed he took the test shortly after losing the special election and that it “concerned allegations of sexual misconduct made against me during the last month of the campaign by Leigh Corfman, Beverly Nelson, and Tina Johnson for ‘alleged’ conduct approximately 30-40 years ago.”

Several women came forward before the election accusing Moore of sexual misconduct with them when they were teenagers as young as 14 years old and he was in his 30s.

Moore denied all the claims, which were corroborated by dozens of witnesses and additional accounts.

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