A poll shows Roy Moore losing his lead in Alabama's senate race following allegations of sexual misconduct

Roy mooreScott Olson/Getty ImagesAlabama GOP senate candidate Roy Moore at an event in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Roy Moore is now losing to Doug Jones in the first major poll following the publication of harassment allegations.
  • Moore has pledged to stay in the race, and denies the accusations.

Roy Moore’s lead in Alabama’s senate race evaporated following a Washington Post report that he engaged in sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old and dated teenagers when he was in his 30’s, according to a new poll.

A poll released by JMC Analytics on Sunday found that 48% of Alabama voters said they were leaning toward supporting Democratic candidate Doug Jones, compared to just 44% who said they were considering supporting Moore.

Though some recent polls have shown somewhat close margins, others prior to the Washington Post story found Moore with a significant lead. An October JMC survey showed Moore with an 8-point-lead (without so-called “lean” voters included).

The telephone survey of 575 individuals with a plus or minus 4.1% margin-of-error, was conducted between November 9-11, after the Washington Post story was released.

The poll showed a dramatic swing in the past month among male voters, who previously supported Moore by large margins.

Despite pressure from top Republicans to drop out of the race following the allegations, Moore has pledged to stay in the race and disprove the accusations.

Indeed, 29% of survey respondents said they were actually more likely to support Moore following the accusations , while 38% of respondents said they were less likely to support him following the report, and 33% said it made no difference.

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