Roy Moore spokeswoman repeatedly uses CNN anchor's pregnancy as talking point in contentious interview about harassment accusations

CNNCNN’s Poppy Harlow with the Roy Moore spokeswoman Jane Porter on CNN’s ‘New Day.’
  • Jane Porter, a spokeswoman for the embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore, repeatedly attempted to pivot to abortion rights during a contentious CNN interview on Tuesday, citing the CNN anchor’s pregnancy.
  • Moore has made opposition to abortion a central theme of his campaign.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow clashed with a spokeswoman for Roy Moore who repeatedly attempted to use Harlow’s pregnancy to make a point about abortion.

In a lengthy interview on CNN on Tuesday, Jane Porter refused to answer multiple questions about whether she believed accusations that the Republican US Senate candidate from Alabama had a history of predatory behaviour toward teenage girls.

Instead, Moore’s spokeswoman deflected by promoting Moore’s support of the Second Amendment and his opposition to abortion rights, both of which have been central tenets of his campaign.

“If you care about child abuse, you should be talking about the fact that Judge Roy Moore stands for protection not only of our Second Amendment rights so we can protect ourselves against predators but for the rights of babies like your 8-month baby that you’re carrying right now,” Porter said. “Doug Jones says you can take the life of that baby, and we should pay for it.”

“Let’s leave my child out of this,” Harlow replied.

The interview grew contentious as Harlow continued to press Porter over whether she believed Moore’s accusers.

“I have respect for you for coming on this show, for taking the time, but I want to make it very clear so everyone understands: You believe that all eight of these women, that CNN has vetted their stories, are lying. That these are, in your words, fake allegations,” Harlow said. “Yes or no: Do you believe them?”

“May I respond? Eight of the people are nonaccusers, that did not accuse Judge Moore of sexual misconduct,” Porter said before criticising several of Moore’s accusers by name.

Porter said Moore was being “harassed” by accusations, and she sought to discredit one accuser’s call for Moore to testify about the accusations before the Senate Judiciary Committee, pointing out that Sen. Al Franken sits on the committee (though Porter said she did not have “any opinion” on accusations the Minnesota Democrat had harassed women until he admitted to the behaviour last month).

Porter also criticised journalists over coverage of the Alabama race and gave media outlets advice.

She dubbed the media writ large the “lynch-mob media,” accused The Washington Post of having an “agenda,” and said journalists’ job was “not just to take an Academy Award performance at face value.”

“There’s a reason why people have the phrase ‘fake news,'” Porter said.

Over the past several days, Republicans have lined up to support Moore despite backlash over allegations of sexual misconduct.

President Donald Trump endorsed the Alabama GOP candidate on Monday, and the Republican National Committee then reversed its decision to back away from Moore.

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