Rovio Wants To Build Thousands Of Angry Birds Parks In China

Angry Birds Theme Park


If you really can’t get enough of Angry Birds, you may want to plan a trip to China soon.Rovio, the company behind the popular gaming franchise, revealed plans to build its first Angry Birds “activity park” in China’s Haining City in an interview with People’s Daily, via TheNextWeb.

The company’s co-founder Peter Vesterbacka said the company is shying away from the idea of building “one massive amusement park” and is instead “planning to build hundreds, maybe even thousands of activity parks” in China. The goal, he said, is to incorporate these smaller parks into local neighborhoods throughout the country.

The first official Angry Birds theme park opened in Finland earlier this year, and there is already at least one unlicensed Angry Birds theme park in China.

For Rovio, the parks could serve as yet another way to extend its presence offline. It’s also a great opportunity to expand their merchandising and licensing operation, which accounted for about 30% of the company’s $106 million in revenues last year.

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