Angry Birds Maker Rovio’s Funding Valuation Is $200 Million

Angry Birds Peter Vesterbacka

The maker of Angry Birds, Rovio, recently raised a huge amount of funding, and that was at a pre-money valuation somewhere north of $200 million.

A profile of the company in Finnish business magazine Talouselämä reveals this and other bits of info on the company, namely:

  • Kaj Hed, Chairman of the company and father of the CEO, owned more than 80% of the Rovio via a holding company before the funding round.
  • Financial statements revealed that Rovio generated $5 million in revenue and $3 million in profits in the six months ending December 2010, which seems like it misses a few zeroes.
  • Rovio’s ultimate goal is to be huge and go public, but that’s pretty much a given seeing how much they raised from Accel. 

(Via Arctic Startup)