Inside The Mothership Of Angry Birds

Rovio could very well become the next Disney.
Back in April, Rovio announced that it made just under $US200 million in revenue in 2012.

With Rovio’s birthday coming up on December 11, we decided to take a peek inside its headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

Rovio is located in Espoo, Finland, a town nearby Helsinki.

Upon entering the building, you'll see the Rovio showroom.

It's filled with big Angry Birds plush toys.

Small Angry Birds...Even some mugs.

It also has this huge touchscreen for playing Angry Birds. That's Nick Summers of TNW getting his Angry Birds on last June.

Just look at how angry they are.

So angry, even in space.

There are even Angry Birds in the floor.

I couldn't help but pop on an Angry Birds sweater.

Yes, I ended up buying this sweatshirt.

In its actual office, Rovio honours the Mustache Pig, also known as the Foreman Pig. It's the second strongest pig in the game.

See those little colourful circles?

Rovio breaks the Moustache Pig down by its colours.

To left of the Moustache Pig, you'll find the kitchen. Rovio even has special Angry Birds coffee.

The main area of the office is filled with...Angry Birds.

Rovio employees can leave little notes for each other on a whiteboard. Apparently they had nothing to say that day...

Just in case you forgot how pissed off these birds are, here's a friendly reminder.

The office features some pretty cool seats for casual meetings.

A real-life slingshot. NICE.

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