KARL ROVE: America's Allies Now See Us As Weak And Undependable


With the disaster in Japan taking centre stage in the news the past few days, its good to remember that there are other stories of equal or greater importance still happening, including the rebellion in Libya.

Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove certainly haven’t forgotten, and they are still both very unhappy over how Obama has been handling the crisis, criticising his lack of leadership. 

“The President of the United States seems to be, you know, the worst of all possible worlds. Here is what we want: Qaddafi out of power but we will not do anything to help remove him from power. And last Wednesday the momentum shifted from the side of the rebels, the small d democrats inside Libya back to Qaddafi and we have seen every day since then movement by Qaddafi’s mercenaries and air force pushing the democratic rebels back toward the west in Benghazi. This will be an utter disaster for the United States if left to stand.”

“Every ally around the world will say the United States is weak and undependable. ‘They say something and don’t do anything to make it come about.’ Our adversaries will be emboldened, saying, ‘You know what? the United States is a paper tiger.'”

Rove, as many conservatives do, accused Obama of seeing America as just another country, instead of being exceptional and a world leader.

“I think he sees us as a nice little country on the international stage that’s going to be bound up by multilateral commitments and multilateral leadership. And that the United States makes a mistake when it tries to lead, it ought to make its views known and hope that the world community comes together somehow magically and mysteriously to do the right thing. And if not doing it in Libya, it’s because we are lacking American leadership. If America goes to sleep, the world goes to sleep as well. “

Video below:

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