Roundup: Credit Cards With Really Low APRs

By Beverly Blair Harzog

There are several credit cards on the market that offer zero per cent intro APRs for a time period. But if you’re planning to stay with a card for the long haul, eventually you’re going to end up with the go-to rate, also called the regular purchase APR.

Right now, there are some credit cards that offer ridiculously low regular APRs. If you have excellent credit and you’re not looking for rewards, take a look at these cards. You’ll like what you see.


Here’s a no-frills card that offers a variable APR starting as low as 7.25 per cent. The approval process is pretty thorough so be prepared to provide proof of employment.

Other perks: You get a 1.99 per cent intro APR for six months on balance transfers. There’s no annual fee. You also get benefits such as travel emergency service and auto rental collision damage waiver.

First Tennessee Platinum Premier Visa

This card has a fixed 3.9 per cent intro APR for the first six months. After that, the variable APR starts as low as 5.15 per cent.

Other perks: Credit lines start at $5,000 and there’s no annual fee. You also get $1,000,000 travel accident insurance.                                                                                           .

Simmons First Visa Platinum

This is a solid credit card that offers a variable APR starting as low as 7.25 per cent. If you don’t have a credit score higher than 750, though, don’t apply.

Other perks: There isn’t a fee for balance transfers if you use the online application. There’s also no annual fee. You get  $1,000,000 travel accident insurance.

Beverly Blair Harzog is a personal finance author and credit card advisor for Beverly is a nationally recognised expert on credit card issues and is also the co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Person-to-Person Lending.

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