Princeton Dropout Relaunches His Startup And Attracts Twitter's Evan Williams and Betaworks' John Borthwick

josh miller roundtable

Josh Miller left Princeton before his senior year to start a group blogging site, Roundtable.

He soft launched the site in September with cofounders Hursh Agrawal and Cemre Gungor out of Dogpatch Labs New York. Before long, bloggers MG Sigler and Dan Frommer were trying it out and swapping comments on Roundtable. Three group discussions yielded 10,000 uniques for Miller’s site.

Roundtable’s early traction opened doors for Miller and his cofounders. Jonah Peretti, cofounder of of BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post, became Roundtable’s advisor.

TechStars NY managing director Dave Tisch tried to recruit Roundtable for his startup accelerator’s Winter 2012 class.

Despite all of its early love, Miller and his cofounders have disappeared the past few months. We haven’t heard a peep from him or his startup until today, when we stumbled across a tweet from MySpace founder Michael Jones:

“I just contributed to a conversation with @ev, @Borthwick, @quixotic, @mlevchin, and Ben Horowitz:”

The tweet was the written in Roundtable’s promotional format, so we followed the url.

We were taken to a new site, Branch, where Twitter cofounder Evan Williams had started a discussion about parallel entrepreneurship with Jones, Slide’s Max Levchin and Betawork’s John Borthwick. Ben Horowitz and Reid Hoffman also have pending invitations to join the conversation.

When we typed in the old url,, we were redirected to Branch. 

The new site vaguely resembles Roundtable.  The UI has changed completely, but the group blogging format is the same with a simple tag line, ‘A community where conversations are King.”

Miller and his team have moved to Silicon Valley, or so says Branch’s Twitter page. Branch is currently in closed beta (preparing for a SXSW launch perhaps?)

Here’s what the new site looks like:

branch roundtable

Photo: Branch

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