ROUBINI: We're Going To Keep Getting Weak Jobs Reports And Unemployment Won't Improve

nouriel roubini

Photo: Bloomberg

In a few minutes, the Bureau of labour Statistics will be releasing its August employment situation report, which will include nonfarm payrolls added and the unemployment rate.Economist Nouriel Roubini, aka Dr. Doom, spoke with CNBC this morning about his outlook for jobs.

While not giving a concrete number for today’s report, Roubini only noted that a good jobs report would delay more monetary easing from the Federal Reserve.

However, his expectation for the next few months isn’t very optimistic.  From

“By the fourth quarter, with the fiscal cliff coming and firms becoming more cautious, capital spending is slowing down and growth will be not even 2 per cent,” Roubini, founder of Roubini Global Economics, warned.

“Job creation might be around 100,000 or slightly higher for the next few months, but there’s not going to be any significant reduction in the unemployment rate.”


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