This house in New South Wales can rotate 360 degrees, with movement controlled by a touchscreen. Take a closer look.

Step inside the Rotating House.

The Rotating House in Caffreys Flat, New South Wales rotates 360 degrees.

It was designed and built by Luke Everingham, who said the design process took 10 years before construction began in 2004 and finished in 2006.

Everingham told Business Insider Australia the house was inspired after a neighbour had finished building a conventional house nearby. During a housewarming lunch, this neighbour was asked whether there was anything he would do differently, to which he replied, “I wish that the house was about 15 degrees more to the north.”

Someone else chimed in with, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a house you could move?” and that struck a chord with Everingham.

“I just started to think why not?” he said.

The rotation is designed to help occupants keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter by following the sun. It also helps capture the views of the natural landscape outside.

Everingham believes in making functional and practical buildings. “I would never have built the place if it was just going to be a gimmick,” he said.

Here’s a closer look inside this unique home.

The rotating house is an octagonal shape and can rotate 360 degrees both clockwise and anticlockwise.

A touch screen controls the rotation and you can set it to manual or automatic. All you need to do is select the room you want it to start from and one of the eight compass coordinates (ie northwest).

You can even use an iPhone to rotate the house. So, if you’ve just purchased groceries, “you can turn the kitchen, so it’s right where your car is,” Everingham said.

The house includes five bedrooms, four lounging areas, a kitchen and a study. There’s also a kitchen, two showers and a bath.

The house was opened as a luxury holiday home in 2010 which you can rent out from $500 – $900 a night.

People have also hired the site for weddings, with its nearby shed serving as a function space.

Everingham has been built another rotating house in Canada. He was also approached by a company in Norway to build between 20 and 40 studio-apartment sized rotating cabins made of both glass and timber.

He’s also working on building a 28-metre diameter, three-storey rotating building in the Hunter Valley, which will serve as an art gallery for David Hart. “The ground floor will be for exhibitions that come and go. The first floor will be for the David Hart exhibition and the top floor will be a roof garden.”

The gallery will be 1,845 square metres, weigh 605 tonnes and have a three metre veranda all around it. “It will be the biggest freestanding structure of its type in the world, whether it be a house or a commercial building,” Everingham said.

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