What The Heck: An Alleged Ponzi Schemer Wants To Use A Reality TV Show To Clear His Name

Too bad someone we care about would never do this:

Ross Mandel, an accused Ponzi schemer, wants to use a Reality Show to try and clear his name.

The conventional wisdom tells him, lay low and lawyer up, he says.

He wants to go another route: Reality TV.

Here’s his pitch for his show, which no one has picked up yet:

For the first time ever… A reality show where the star could lose everything.

Is he just another Wall Street con man?

“I’m not guilty of the charges brought against me,” he says. “We’re prepared to reveal all. Let the public make up their own mind, whatever the outcome.”

This just goes to show that ponzi schemers are so common these days, one of them can be found doing anything at any point in time. Seriously. It’s getting ridiculous.

Here’s the trailer he made for his reality show:

(FYI, Here’s what Ross and Sky Capital were accused of last summer.)

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