Here's How Ross Levinsohn Handled Not Getting The Yahoo CEO Job

Ross Levinsohn

Photo: Flickr/DFarber

On Monday, Yahoo chairman Fred Amoroso sat down with interim CEO Ross Levinsohn and told him he wasn’t getting the job. The board was going with longtime Google executive Marissa Mayer instead.Levinsohn packed up that day and flew down to Los Angeles—where, we should note, he still lives. He’s always split time between LA and Yahoo’s Sunnyvale headquarters.

Yahoo’s media properties, which Levinsohn directly oversaw before getting named interim CEO after the disastrous exit of Scott Thompson, are based in Santa Monica, Calif.

He’s taking some days off this week, we understand. Good on him.

We asked a Yahoo spokesperson about Levinsohn’s status: “Ross remains an employee with the company,” we were told.

Yahoo’s board is getting a lot of praise for landing Mayer. If they manage to keep Levinsohn, who is beloved by the troops at Yahoo and has valuable relationships in Hollywood and Madison Avenue, it will be a real coup.

But by getting out of town and taking time off, Levinsohn has found a classy, non-confrontational way of making his displeasure known.

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