Rory McIlroy Is Now Charging $2 Million To Show Up To Your Crappy Golf Tournament

Rory McIlroy

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Even after his recent off-the-course headlines and on-the-course struggles, Tiger Woods still makes as much as $2 million in appearance fees. And now, according to a report in Australia’s Herald Sun, Rory McIlroy has raised his fee from $1 million to $2 million just to show up to tournaments and events.According to the report, Australian Open officials were set to pay McIlroy $1 million to play in their tournament next month. But after McIlroy won his second major at the PGA Championship, his fee went up to $2 million. The new price was too high for the Australian Open and the deal was off.

It has been quite a year financially for the young golfer from Northern Ireland. In addition to his now staggering appearance fees, he made $8.0 million on the PGA Tour and $4.9 million on the European Tour this year.

And none of this includes his endorsement earnings off the course, which now includes more than $20 million per year in a new deal he recently signed with Nike Golf.

Now imagine what McIlroy’s price will be if ever wins the Masters. Sweet Fancy Moses.