Key FBI Insider Trading Witness: 'I Lied A Number Of Times' To Investigators

Roomy KhanRoomy Khan

Photo: Bloomberg/Youtube

A main government witness in a case against a hedge fund boss  testified Wednesday she lied to investigators to protect her friends from insider trading allegations.The witness, former Intel executive Roomy Khan, testified that she tried to keep investigators focused on their main target, Raj Rajaratnam, Bloomberg Businessweek reported Thursday.

“This has been very difficult for me, and I understand that I lied a number of times,” she reportedly said during her tearful testimony at the insider trading trial of Whitman Capital LLC founder that Doug Whitman.

Khan, who previously pleaded guilty to insider trading and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, is one of three witnesses testifying they gave Whitman illegal information about Google, Marvell Technology, and Polycom.

David Anderson, Whitman’s lawyer, called the three witnesses “criminals and liars” who are just cooperating with the government to avoid prison.

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