FOUND ON CRAIGSLIST: “Zoologist Seeks Roommate To Share Hoboken Apt With Alligator”

Yes, this is the actual photo from the ad

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Update: A spokesperson tells us this ad is a hoax. We’ll post the real story when we have it.This Craigslist ad seeking a roommate for a three-bedroom apartment in Hoboken seems like a total deal — a huge bedroom with a king-size bed and flatscreen TV in exchange for $250/month and some weekly chores.

But there’s a mighty large catch here: the third roommate is an ALLIGATOR. Yes, an alligator who has her own bedroom in Hoboken.

As the ad itself admits, “this is likely a first for anyone.”

It was posted by “Wendy,” a zoologist from the Bronx Zoo.

Here are the dirty details, from the ad:

The alligator is actually a cayman from Zimbabwe. Her name is Keomba and is 48 years old in adult years. She is here for a rehabilitation, she was attacked by younger crocs at the zoo in the early summer. Have no fear, Keomba is a gentle giant that is in all actuality very calm.

I have all the required permits from the state to have her here. You would be asked for 30 minutes a day to feed her and check on her bandages while I am at work.

She is also currently toothless, and is awaiting cosmetic surgery to have her snappers reattached.

So if you’re a non-smoking professional between the ages of 25 and 40, and have a love for things that are green and scaly, you may want to snatch up this opportunity before it disappears.

(h/t @WillWei)