Rajon Rondo Attacks Kris Humphries After A Foul, Gets Both Of Them Ejected

kris humphries rajon rondo fight

Photo: CSN

Rajon Rondo, Kris Humphries, and Gerald Wallace were all ejected after a shoving match spilled into the stands during the Celtics-Nets game.After Humphries fouled Kevin Garnett, Rondo got in Humphries’ face and, for some reason, started shoving him. The two locked arms, Rondo got off a few jabs, and they tumbled into the stands.

Rondo definitely looked like he threw the first punch/shove here, and Humphries and Wallace were a bit unlucky to get tossed. No real damage was done since Humphries is so much bigger than Rondo and was able to hold him at a distance.

The Nets pounded Boston in the first half, 51-38.

Here’s video:

The NBA has taken the video off of YouTube. Sorry, we’ll keep looking for one.

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