Democratic senator: What Trump just said about Russia wouldn't even be believable on 'House of Cards'

House of cards season 2Netflix / YouTubeKevin Spacey as Frank Underwood in Netflix original series ‘House of Cards.’

High-profile Democrats are in disbelief over Donald Trump’s call for Russian hackers to release some of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

During a press conference on Wednesday, the Republican presidential nominee said that Russian hackers who released a trove of Democratic National Committee emails should also find thousands of emails that Clinton deleted from her private email servers while serving as secretary of state.

Speaking with Business Insider in Philadelphia, Sen. Ron Wyden joined a chorus of Democrats condemning Trump, saying that the Republican presidential nominees comments were stranger than fiction.

“Donald Trump’s comments today would not be believable if he was a character on ‘House of Cards,” Wyden said.

While Wyden dismissed Trump’s invitation to Russian hackers, the senator did critique the leaked internal Democratic National Committee emails showing key members of the organisation speaking critically of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“The materials that came out over the weekend were unacceptable in terms of the very strict pledge of impartiality,” Wyden said, referencing the DNC’s pledge to stay neutral in primary fights. “That’s really troubling.”

Democrats weren’t the only ones pushing back against Trump’s comments on Wednesday.

House Speaker Paul Ryan also distanced himself from the real-estate mogul’s stance on Russia.

“Russia is a global menace led by a devious thug. Putin should stay out of this election,” the spokesperson said.

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