Ron Perelman Selling Yacht For $70 Million

Have you recently come into a small fortune large enough for you to buy a billionaire’s yacht? Lucky for you, Revlon billionaire Ron Perelman’s got one available.

Guardian: [Yachts currently for sale] include Ultima III, owned by US investor Ron Perelman, once the world’s richest man, who made much of his estimated $11.5bn fortune taking cosmetics manufacturer Revlon private in 1985 and has since bought and sold stakes in comic book publisher Marvel Entertainment Group and film-maker Technicolour.

Yacht broker Edmiston is selling the 190 ft boat, which boasts eight “staterooms”, accommodation for 16 guests and a Jacuzzi. Perelman has entertained actress Gina Gershon, who played fashion designer Fable in TV series Ugly Betty, and director and producer Penny Marshall on the yacht’s lengthy sun deck in recent years, but like many investors, he has seen his wealth fall as the US market plunged…

The Ultima 111 is priced at over €50m (£47.7m) [$69.6 million] by Edmiston, which is also one of several brokers advertising the Lady Christine, owned by Conservative party donor Irvine Laidlaw. Laidlaw sold his conference business IIR for $1.4bn, and put the 182ft yacht named after his wife on the market last summer with a price tag of €45m. Others on the market include the Phocea, the largest sailing yacht in the world until 2004, which was bought by Mouna Ayoub, a French socialite of Lebanese origin who made a fortune from real estate. Ayoub refitted the boat with opulent oak panelling and handmade furniture from Viscount Linley’s London showroom. She bought it 12 years ago from disgraced French politician Bernard Tapie, reportedly funding the $17m (£11.7m) cost by selling a 112-carat diamond bought by her ex-husband following their divorce. The yacht is for sale for an undisclosed price.

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