Ron Paul's Struggle, And The Wikileaks/Anonymous Media 'Shrug'

What the news isn’t telling you today… I voted for Ron Paul in the Florida primary. But I don’t think he’ll get the nomination. The corporate broadcast media is not giving Ron Paul’s message a fair shake (OK, that’s an understatement — they’re screwing him).

The corporate broadcast media is also giving very little play to the absolutely massive document dump Wikileaks did the other day, reportedly in “cooperation” with the Anonymous hacker collective.

The leak, which includes 5 million or so e-mails from a prominent global intelligence firm, is truly shocking and dishes dirt on a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, U.S. government agencies, and (allegedly) even media outlets.

Yet the broadcast networks have done little more than mention that Wikileaks has a new release. Relatively obscure publications like Mother Jones have been the ones doing the digging and deep reporting on what’s actually revealed by the Wikileaks/Anonymous email leak, which is being dubbed the “GI Files,” or Global Intelligence Files.

On top of all that, the House passed H.R. 347 in a 388 to 3 vote yesterday. Among other things, it potentially makes peaceful protest in close proximity to government officials or property a federal offence.

Re-read that sentence.

H.R. 347 sounds Orwellian in a way that even George Orwell would have never thought possible. In this evening’s DLCast (full clip available below), I dig deeper into these — and some other — issues the corporate media has failed to cover adequately.

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