Ron Paul Wins Seat In ABC/Facebook GOP Debate

Ronulans rejoice! First 10% in Iowa, and now our favourite Internet phenom-populist-libertarian-gadfly is going to get some major MSM facetime as part of the ABC News/Facebook GOP debate Saturday. ABC released the list of invited participants, and yep, Ron Paul is on it, along with Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, McCain, and the guy Paul spanked in Iowa, Rudy Giuliani (4%, ouch).

Still waiting to hear if Fox News buckles to pressure from the Paulistas and includes him in Sunday’s debate, but ABC is giving their debate network primetime and Facebook is Dr. Paul’s home turf, so who cares what Fox decides?

For those who care, the Dems on the docket for their own ABC/Facebook debate (also Saturday), include Hillary, Edwards, Obama, and Bill Richardson. What, no Chris Dodd, Joe Biden or Dennis Kucinich?! Where’s the outrage?

We still aren’t clear how ABC is going to get the Facebook nation involved in either of these debates, but one strike against them both is that they’re scheduled back-to-back Saturday night — when Facebook’s under-30 demo presumably has better things to do.

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