WATCH: Ron Paul Takes On Stephen Colbert In Debate Over Gold Standard

Ron Paul may be the only politician left willing to appear on Stephen Colbert. A kudos to him for it.

Last night Colbert hosted a pretty awesome ‘debate’ between Paul, who is a strong proponent of returning the country to the Gold Standard and the NYT’s David Leonhardt who thinks things are fine the way they are.  Wondering why people are getting their news from Comedy Central?  This is a pretty good example.

David Leonhardt: The problem is not inflation, the problem is too weak an economy…If given the choice would you rather take my gold wedding ring or a million dollars in paper money?

Ron Paul: The question is would you rather put $10,000 in a box for 20 years or a few gold coins…The Fed Reserve has destroyed 98% of the purchasing power of the dollar since 1913 an in the meantime they have financed every war they couldn’t have financed if they were on the gold standard.

Colbert: Dave, do you want some ice for that burn?  Also: The gold standard will create jobs…we’ll need to hire tailors to reinforce our pockets.

Video below.

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