Ron Paul, Shepard Smith, And Other Media Heroes

What a frustrating journey this has been.

I’ve been covering the National defence Authorization Act of 2012, or NDAA, since early December on my YouTube show — despite going on every TV and radio show that will have me on, the vast majority of U.S. media outlets and anchors refuse to cover this topic.

Even to this day, some three months after President Obama signed it into law, it is difficult to get members of the mainstream media to take this very real threat to American liberty seriously.

Luckily, there have been some patriotic exceptions, and I want to give them proper credit. In no particular order:

Cenk Uygur, Current TV anchor and host of The Young Turks, has warned his utterly massive YouTube following about the NDAA’s imprisonment without trial provisions. Patriot. Journalist.

Shepard Smith, FOX News anchor, flipped out on-air when discussing the Justice Dept’s insane argument that it has the legal ability to kill American citizens without trial or judicial review. Although not technically a discussion of the NDAA, I think his freak-out went a long way in waking up the American people to what is really happening now — a rapid rollback of our core Constitutional rights and protections, all while we argue about Kim Kardashian’s arse and whether the new iPad is worth buying. Patriot. Journalist.

Andrew Napolitano, until recently FOX Business Network’s host of Freedom Watch (canceled), and now a FOX News contributor — and still their senior judicial analyst, I believe. Judge Napolitano is a force of good in a mainstream media that is mostly clogged up with vain, lazy, tepid journalists. Patriot. Journalist.

Ron Paul and Buddy Roemer, the only two GOP presidential candidates who have been constantly talking about (and denouncing) the disgusting imprisonment without trial provisions of the NDAA. Mitt Romney supports the NDAA’s provisions. Patriots. Leaders.

George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, a late-night radio talk program syndicated on more than 550 radio stations — and heard by millions of people each week. Although Noory has also tackled dubious (yet entertaining!) subjects such as UFOs and ghost sightings, he brought the NDAA to his massive audience when he had me and a panel of NDAA experts on waaaay back in January. This provided a critical boost, at a very critical time, and helped more Americans become aware of what is happening today. Patriot. Broadcaster.

Also, British billionaire Felix Dennis’ The Week is now hot on the trail of the NDAA… Took them a few months, but they deserve credit for bringing the NDAA to a wider audience.

Despite these brave outlets and personalities, most in the media and in the political realm failed miserably at their jobs. 

I suspect over the next few months, a lot of anchors and producers will be “retiring” to “spend more time” with their families. The American people will not forgive those who intentionally ignored and obfuscated one of the most dangerous rollbacks of our basic rights ever.

Shepard Smith and Judge Napolitano, heroically broadcasting some uncomfortable truths:

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