RON PAUL: Obama Still Hasn’t Revealed How Osama Bin Laden Was Actually Killed

ron paul

From Morning Joe this morning. 

Sen. Ron Paul, arguably President Obama’s strongest opponent in the upcoming election, still thinks the details surrounding Osama bin Laden‘s death are still rather fishy. 

I was a strong critic of the foreign policy of George W. Bush because he missed the target in Afghanistan and Tora Bora. 

He went on fighting a war in Iraq that we should have never fought. But I just said that he was able to at least work with the security and the government of Pakistan, and we got a lot of bad guys over here. And I was just thinking, you know, the way Saddam Hussein was captured was quite a bit different. 

And I just think there’s more questions now than ever.  How many stories have we heard already about the killing of bin Laden?  I mean, people are supposed to know what their government’s doing. If you asked me exactly what happened, I have no idea because I’ve heard so many stories. I don’t know if anybody on your panel knows exactly what happened when he actually died and when they got the DNA evidence and when he was dropped. People need to know more about their government.

After some pushing from Mika, Paul went on to clarify he wasn’t trying to start a conspiracy but that the policy invites people to think about conspiracy theories.  Indeed. 

This was all part of a wider discussion, by the way, about how Paul believes Pakistan will be the country we occupy next.

Video below.  Bin Laden discussion begins at the 6:25 mark.  

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