DEAR RON PAUL SUPPORTERS: Here’s The Truth About The ‘Media Blackout’

Ron Paul Smirk

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Ron Paul supporters appear to think that there’s a conspiracy among media folks to boycott him.The media can’t handle the truth, this story-line goes. The media hates the fact that Ron Paul is right about America. The media wants to do everything it can to stifle Ron Paul’s chances of winning the White House. The media is part of the problem, not the solution.

And so on.

Well, speaking as a member of the media, I might as well share the truth about our coverage of Ron Paul:

We can’t write about him enough.

Why not?

Because Ron Paul supporters are absolutely bat-shit crazy about the man. And any time we say anything about him, good or bad, they go nuts about it — pro and con.

Our Ron Paul articles consistently do remarkably well relative to Ron Paul’s position in the GOP race, especially relative to those about more mainstream candidates.

In fact, every time we publish something about Ron Paul, we are reminded that Ron Paul is, if not President of the United States, at least President Of The Internet. The Internet just can’t get enough of him.

But why don’t we and other media outlets pay more attention to Ron Paul, given that he’s polling OK in the early primaries (third in Iowa) and that some of our readers are completely bananas about him?

Well, frankly, we don’t write more about him, because he just does not have a serious chance of winning the Presidency of the United States.

Sorry, he just doesn’t.

Ron Paul certainly has the youth vote (and who can blame them, given the pathetic state of Washington these days). And he has the extreme vote: Everyone who thinks the Fed is the real problem in America is loopy about him. And he has the anti-government vote: His plan to eliminate $1 trillion of government spending the moment he’s sworn in is a home run for these folks.

But there’s just no way Ron Paul can win the Presidency.

Why not?

Because he’s just too extreme.

Kill the Fed, cut $1 trillion of government spending, end all foreign intervention, etc. Even if those are good ideas — and they do have their points and adherents — mainstream voters just aren’t going to go for them.

So that’s why the media isn’t paying as much attention to Ron Paul as some Ron Paul fans think they should. They don’t think he has a prayer of winning.

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