Ron Paul Is President Of MySpace, And Other News Courtesy Of


Spending the remainder of a damp Friday afternoon looking for something interesting on the Web? We know the feeling. Perhaps you should checkout, a NY-based site that aims to be the “hub for the conversation already underway between political practitioners and technologists.”

OK, let’s try this again: Anyone interested in checking out the online fortunes of the ’08 presidential candidates should head to Personaldemocracy’s techPresident channel, where the site keeps a running tab on metrics like MySpace and Facebook friends, YouTube views and Technorati mentions. Among Democrats, for instance, Barack Obama has the clear lead in social network race, while Republican Ron Paul has trounced his competition. Doubtless there’s some utility for political pros here, but we just like gawking at the pretty charts, like the one below, which tracks GOP candidates’ MySpace popularity.


The site is the brainchild of founder Andrew Rasiej, a NY multitasker who spends time in politics (he’s worked for Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean, and has run for NYC Public Advocate) and local businesses (He once owned Irving Plaza, now owns Ed’s Lobster Bar in SoHo and also invests in startups like There’s a business model here, too: The site is free, but Andrew makes money with his annual PersonalDemocracy conferences, which draw the likes of Eric Schmidt and Arianna Huffington to New York to talk tech and politics. Andrew told us this week that he’s considering adding a second, West Coast-based conference later this year.