Ron Paul Has Raised $250,000 To End The TSA

Ron Paul TSA Money Eliminate

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A day after his Senator son refused to submit to a TSA pat-down, Ron Paul is raising money to end the TSA on his campaign website. As of writing of this post, the cause has raised over $125,000 and counting.

A statement released by Paul yesterday, claimed that the police state is out of control and called attention to Paul’s ‘Plan to Restore America,’ which through cuts in federal spending eliminates the TSA. 

We’ve reached out to Paul’s campaign to find out if these funds will be used in a specific way to end the TSA and will update when we hear back. 

UPDATE: We have not heard back from the Paul campaign, but three days after launching his “End The TSA Now” fundraising campaign he has reached his goal of raising $250,000. 

Ron Paul TSA Money Eliminate

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