The GOP Is Seriously Considering Putting Ron Paul's 'Audit' The Fed In The Party Platform

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Ron Paul‘s long-shot presidential campaign officially may have officially come to an close — again — this weekend, after he failed to secure a majority of national delegates at Nebraska’s state GOP convention. In the end, however, the Texas Congressman may walk away having achieved the real goal of his presidential campaign: An audit of the Federal Reserve. 

A GOP source tells Business Insider that the Republican Party is seriously considering including support for an audit of the Federal Reserve in the party’s platform this year, a move that would enshrine Paul’s signature policy in the Republican Party doctrine for at least the next four years. 

According to the source, the possibility of including Paul’s position on auditing the Fed in the party platform came up during a recent meeting between Republican nominee Mitt Romney and Paul’s son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, whose positions generally align with those of his father. The source told Business Insider that Romney expressed support for including the “Audit the Fed” plan into the platform, and that the Paul camp is working on specific language to present at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next month. 

The Romney campaign did not respond to BI’s request for confirmation. 

There is a strong political rationale for Romney to support Paul’s “Audit the Fed” plan. The position is popular among rank-and-file Republican voters, uniting the Tea Party and Ron Paul libertarian factions of the GOP. The House is expected to pass Paul’s latest “Audit the Fed” bill when it is brought to the floor, which will likely be sometime next week, according to House Leader Eric Cantor’s office.

Including “Audit the Fed” in the platform could also go a long way toward appeasing the hundreds of Ron Paul supporters who will descend on Tampa as national convention delegates. For Paul, it will be a small vindication of nearly three decades as the modern era’s most relentless critic of the nation’s central bank. 

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