Ron Lauder Caves, He'll Support Bloomberg

Mayor Mike’s chances for stealing a third term improved greatly last night when it was reported that Ron Lauder decided to support the Mayor’s call for lenghtening term limits.

Why did the pro-term limits cosmetics heir do it?

After an “emotional” hour long conversation, Lauder was told that he “will be appointed next year to a Charter Revision Commission with the authority to return the law to the eight-year limit.” So after Bloomberg gets re-elected, Lauder could change the law back to the way it was.

For all of Bloomberg’s love of openness and transparency, he sure seems to be doing a lot of secretive deals to get this third term.

NY Times: The billionaire who threatened to block Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s path to a third term has backed down.

Citing a “financial emergency,” Ronald S. Lauder, the cosmetics heir who twice financed referendums setting a limit of two terms for city elected officials, said Wednesday afternoon that he would “reluctantly” support a plan by Mr. Bloomberg to extend the maximum number of terms to three.

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