Ron Howard weighs in on Tom Hanks’ ‘SNL’ impression of the legendary director

Ron howard impression tom hanks

Ron Howard may have proven that Tom Hanks’ talents extend to impressions — specifically of the famed director.

Last weekend on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” Hanks impersonated Howard in a sketch titled “America’s Funniest Pets,” in which the director was the host.

During Howard’s appearance on TBS’ “Conan,” host Conan O’Brien asked Howard how he felt about Hanks’ impersonation. It turned out that it’s something he’s well acquainted with.

“He warned me and this is an impression he occasionally does,” said Howard, who has directed Hanks in five films, including his latest, “Inferno.”

“But you know, he’s a great guy, very talented,” Howard continued. “But would you say he’s an impressionist? I mean, do you think that’s any kind of real impression?”

Despite Howard’s expressed doubt of the quality of Hanks’ impression of him, it’s clear that Hanks got a lot right.

Watch Ron Howard’s interview on “Conan” below:

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