Just Kidding Ron Artest, You Can’t Become Metta World Peace Until You Pay Your Traffic Tickets

ron artest celine dion

Ronald William Artest Jr. will have his name officially changed to Metta World Peace today.

The engimatic Los Angeles Lakers forward will get his wish after originally filing for the name change in Los Angeles court in June.

“It’s about love, world peace,” the basketball player formerly know as Ron Artest said. “Everybody can relate to that, whether it’s in the same community or the same state or the same country or whether it’s a country going to war.”

In addition, Artest plans to switch his jersey number to 70.

This wouldn’t be the first such change.

Artest has worn Nos. 23, 91, 93, 95, 37 and 15. He destines to wear 10 different numbers before he retires.

“I’m changing it to 70 because it’s like something to do with the universe,” Artest said. “Everything kind of repeats itself. The universe is one. It’s the same thing. Healthy minds, just keeping the kids positive.”

UPDATE: False alarm! The world must wait three more weeks for Peace. A judge ruled today there will be no name change until Artest pays his outstanding traffic tickets. A new hearing is set for September 16th. But your honour, what about the kids?