POLL: Mitt Romney's Money Could Cost Him A LOT Of Votes

On the same day that new details emerged of Mitt Romney’s time running Bain Capital, a new poll from Gallup shows that Romney’s wealth could cost him a shocking number of votes in November

The poll shows that one in five Independent voters say they are less likely to vote for Romney simply because he is rich.

Here’s a look:

Romney wealth

Photo: Gallup

Gallup editor in chief Frank Newport writes that that 20 per cent of Independent voters could be a decider in some swing states:

Most Americans claim Romney’s wealth will not affect their vote, perhaps reflecting Gallup research showing that the majority of Americans believe the U.S. benefits from having a rich class and would themselves like to be rich. Still, enough Americans generally and independents specifically say Romney’s wealth makes them less likely to vote for him that it could in theory make a difference at the margins in some key swing states.

The numbers are significant as Democrats furiously tries to portray Romney as an out-of-touch, wealthy candidate who would return to the policies of President George W. Bush. The Obama campaign and its allies have relentlessly hammered Romney for various issues related to his wealth, including his time at Bain, his offshore bank accounts and a set of “blind trusts.”

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