Romney Was So Proud Of His Universal Healthcare Law He Included It In His Official Portrait

One of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign promises is that he will do everything he can to repeal the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.”

But Romney hasn’t always been so opposed to the ideas behind “Obamacare,” such as the act’s requirement that all individuals buy health insurance.

While he was governor of Massachusetts, Romney’s own signature legislation was a healthcare reform act built around the idea of an individual mandate. In 2005, Romney even called it “the ultimate conservative idea.” In materials from his 2008 campaign for President, Romney cited reports that the bill had “newly insured” some 300,000 people.

In fact, Romney was so proud of this legislation that he insisted his official governor’s portrait include a copy of the bill.

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Here’s the portrait. You can see the bill on Romney’s desk, next to a picture of his beloved wife. It has that snake-and-wings medical symbol called a caduceus embossed on its cover:

Mitt Romney's Portrait has the healthcare bill in it

Here’s a detail:

Romney's healthcare bill

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