Meet The 10 People Who Could Be Romney's Vice President

paul ryan

After weeks of speculation, Mitt Romney will announce his vice presidential pick Saturday, aboard the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Va. 

Romney has kept his VP pick under serious raps, but political pundits continue to guess that the list includes conservative stars like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and House Budget Chair Paul Ryan, safe picks like former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, and even possibly some long-shot candidates, like former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. 

These VP hopefuls have stacked resumes and plenty of a voter appeal, but we’ve found a few more reasons that would make each of these lawmakers awesome choices for Romney’s ticket. 

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal knows how to get his hands dirty.

Jindal shows oil residue to journalists in July 2010, weeks after the BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana.

Source: AP

He's a family man.

Jindal's wife, Supriya Jolly Jindal, attended the same high school as him and once turned him down for a date.

The couple kiss after Jindal declared the winner in the Louisiana gubinatorial race in 2007.

Source: Esquire, AP

And he's got three adorable little kids -- Selia, Shaan and Slade.

Shaan looks up at his father during the Inaugural Prayer Service Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in January 2008.

Source: AP

The couple is blessed during mass by the Archbishop Alfred Hughes in 2008.

Source: Esquire, AP

He appeals to blue-collar voters. As Louisana's youngest-ever governor — and the first Indian-American to hold the office — he would add youth and diversity to the Republican ticket.

Jindal chats with a voter in after speaking in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2008.

Source: Esquire, AP

South Dakota Sen. John Thune definitely has small-town charm — he grew up in a town with less than 1,000 residents.

Thune rose to conservative stardom by beating Senate Democratic Majority Leader Tom Daschle in 2004.

Thune gave a victory speech with his wife, Kim, at his side after the annoucement of his win in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at the Republican Headquarters.

Source: AP

Thune has two beautiful daughters, Brittany and Larissa, who starred in a series of campaign ads to help their dad's campaign in 2004 and 2008.

Seniors love New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

She's up for anything — even a Polar Bear Plunge.

Ayotte, along with other volunteers, jumped into the Atlantic Ocean in February to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Source: AP

She also has two adorable kids — and they're well-practiced at giving photo-op.

Ayotte tweeted this picture on August 6 with the caption, 'Fantastic day at Clark's Trading Post a fun NH tradition for 84 yrs thx to the Clark family.'

Source: Twitter

Tim Pawlenty may not be graceful.

Pawlenty leaps over chairs as he leaves an interview at a radio station's tent at the Minnesota State Fair in 2008.

Source: AP

But he's definitely got everyman charm.

Pawlenty, with his wife, Mary, displays his 17-inch walleye he reeled in at the Governor's 60th Annual Fishing Opener in Breezy Point, Minnesota in 2008.

Source: AP

And he's a hockey all-star.

Pawlenty laced up his skates before a scrimmage in Iowa in 2011.

Source: AP

He's also got a gorgeous daughter.

Anna Pawlenty started her freshman year at Kansas University in 2011.

Anna and her father attended a White House dinner for governors in 2009.

Source: Lawrence Journal World, AP

He's a jokester, like Mitt Romney.

Sen. Marco Rubio is competitive. He briefly played football in college.

He's also a gentleman. Rubio caught former First Lady Nancy Reagan when she took a spill last fall.

His wife is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader.

He once saved his son, Dominick, from drowning.

Sen. Rob Portman knows how to hang with presidents.

And he's well-liked at home — Portman won seven consecutive congressional races in Ohio with more than 70 per cent of the vote.

His adventerous — Portman once saved his own life during a kayaking trip in Chile.

Portman said he had to pop his dislocated shoulder back into place when his kayak capsized while on vacation in Chile. He was able to swim to safety.

Source: The Week

Portman's family owns a reportedly haunted hotel, the Golden Lamb Inn in Ohio.

Source: The Week

Rep. Paul Ryan is the new favourite.

He has a good rapport with Romney — the pair got along famously during a bus tour across Ryan's home state of Wisconsin.

Source: AP

But Ryan's controversial budget, which would completely overhaul entitlement programs, could make him a risky pick for V.P.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell appeals to the GOP's conservative base — and could help Romney in his home state, a crucial battleground.

He sweeps people off their feet with his traditional conservatism. He is pro-life and opposes same-sex marriage. As governor, Virginia's unemployment drop 2 percentage points.

McDonnell takes his wife for a spin on the dance floor.

Source: Politico, AP

But McDonnell doesn't have a great track record with female voters — earlier this year he signed a controversial law, requiring women to have an ultrasound prior to getting an abortion.

Gov. Chris Christie briefly making his own White House bid in 2012, but decided against it.

Christie takes his daughter, Bridget, to a Rutgers University basketball game in 2010.

Source: AP

He's known for his frank, no-nonsense demeanor and frequently brusk, attitude.

He knows how to do the New Jersey fist pump.

Christie celebrates beating incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine in November 2009.

Source: AP

Condoleezza Rice would add foreign policy experience to the ticket.

Rice received a jersey from Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheik Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa in April 2008 after meeting with Arab leaders.

Source: AP

She's got a great stare-down.

And is a pro at leg squats.

Rice participates in a cancer research fundraiser for 'Race for the Cure.'

Source: AP

Voters love her.

Source: Washington Post

Now see what their chances are...

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