Romney Takes Early Fundraising Lead, Pawlenty Nearly Out Of Cash, Gingrich Is Broke

mitt romneyMitt Romney’s Presidential campaign has taken an early fundraising lead.

Photo: AP

Mitt Romney is expected to break the record for most political donations in a quarter in the year before a Presidential election.GOP sources expect him to report he raised nearly $40 million in the past three months — surpassing the $36.2 million George W. Bush raised in the second quarter of 1999. Romney raised $10 million of his total in a single day last month.

Aides told POLITICO that the millionaire former Massachusetts Governor would not be contributing any of his personal fortune to the campaign — a marked change from the 2008 race, when gave his campaign nearly $45 million.

Meanwhile, Tim Pawlenty’s campaign is hanging by a thread, with many staffers working without pay. His campaign is trying to push back on the The Washington Post’s story, arguing the senior staffers who make a living on political campaigns are low-paid “consultants.”

Pawlenty is competing in August’s Ames Straw Poll, but yesterday his campaign did not put up the $31,000 to secure Mitt Romney’s coveted lot from 2007, which instead went to Ron Paul. He is expected to raise about $5 million for the quarter.

And in the latest sign he is quickly becoming an afterthought in this race, Newt Gingrich, who claims he will contest the Iowa Caucuses, passed purchasing a lot for the important Straw Poll citing financial difficulties, reported the Des Moines Register. Gingrich continues to insist his campaign will survive through the first-in-the-nation caucuses, an increasingly unlikely prospect.

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