Romney Shill Tries To Explain How Romneycare Is Not The Same As Obamacare, But Fails Hilariously

Mitt Romney

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday we reminded everyone that there’d be no such thing as Obamcare if Mitt Romney had not established universal health insurance in Massachusetts, otherwise known as Romneycare.Now, it’s no surprise that Mitt Romney wants to run for President in 2012, and there’s no doubt that his GOP foes will seek to use Obamacare as a noose to tie around Romney’s neck.

So already he has his allies out there spinning on his behalf. Brad Jones (R), the Massachusetts House minority leader, writes in the DailyNews that Romneycare is not Obamacare.

How not? Well he lists a couple of things about taxes, Medicare, and Medicaid, and then says:

The final big difference is perhaps most important of all: Ours is a state plan, not a federal plan imposed on the entire country.

We’ve made mistakes. Massachusetts mandates which medical coverage must be included in each insurance policy, including such things as an unlimited number of in vitro fertilization treatments. That inflates costs for everyone. And Massachusetts applies a $295 annual fee on employers for each uninsured employee, which has hurt the business climate in our state. Then-Gov. Mitt Romney‘s objection to both these measures was overridden by Democrats in the legislature.

Regrettably, Obamacare repeats these design errors.

So, basically, the difference comes down to a tautology (State vs. Federal), so big duh on that. And then he notes a couple of ticky tacky design errors about fees and the number of in vitro fertilization treatments.

In otherwords: Romneycare is Obamacare. Don’t worry Mitt, you’ve got at least another year and a half to figure out an explanation!

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