Three Big Reasons Why Paul Ryan Could Help Mitt Romney Steal Wisconsin

Mitt Romney Paul Ryan


Democrats have been quick to point out the drawbacks of selecting Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as the Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee.But the limited polling available suggests that Ryan could help Mitt Romney swing Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes, cutting into voter groups that tend to strongly favour President Barack Obama.

A Public Policy Polling survey conducted in July showed that, of all the Republican vice presidential contenders, Ryan had the most effect on the presidential race in his home state. Although Obama led Wisconsin by 6 points in a head-to-head matchup with Romney, the poll showed that the vote swung by five points in favour of Republicans when Ryan was added to the ticket. 

Here’s a chart:

Romney Ryan Wisconsin

Photo: Brett LoGiurato/Business Insider; Data: Public Policy Polling

Ryan could also have an effect on the Wisconsin vote by winning over Catholic voter, who make up 33% of Badger State voters. Ryan, a devout Catholic, could help swing some of the 53 per cent of Catholic voters in Wisconsin that went to Obama in 2008, especially if he makes a point to hit Obama on the contraception mandate

A third factor, that has been mostly overlooked, is how Ryan could shift the youth vote in Wisconsin. PPP found that, with Ryan on the ticket, Republicans could actually win the 18-to-45 age group in Wisconsin over an Obama-Biden ticket.

Romney Ryan

Photo: Brett LoGiurato/Business Insider; Data: Public Policy Polling

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