Obama Is Crumbling In Wisconsin After Paul Ryan's Addition To Mitt Romney's Ticket

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Less than a week after a CNN poll had President Barack Obama‘s lead in swing-state Wisconsin dwindling, a new Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday finds that Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have swung to a one-point lead in the state. The key number, again, comes from a dramatic shift in Independent voters to the Romney-Ryan ticket. In just six weeks, PPP’s polling has swung the Independent vote 10 points. He’s now up among that group by just 4 points, compared with an astounding 14 points in PPP’s last poll.

Romney’s net favorability rating has improved 10 points in the past six weeks with Independents — 41 per cent view him favourably, compared with 50 per cent that have an unfavorable opinion.

The poll also reflects Romney’s improved fortune among Republicans, where he has seen trouble before in Wisconsin. But after the Ryan addition, Republicans seem more unified. 90-three per cent of Republicans now say they’ll vote for Romney, compared with just 83 per cent last month — and 79 per cent in a different poll

Romney’s favorability rating among Republicans is up 6 points, from 81 per cent to 87 per cent. Moreover, 91 per cent view Ryan favourably, compared with 76 per cent in the July poll.

“Wisconsin really is starting to look like a toss up in the Presidential race,” said Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling, in a release. “The big question is whether this is just a bounce from Paul Ryan’s selection as running mate, or if the increased Republican competitiveness will prove to be lasting.”

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