ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MEMO: We Will Be 'Victorious' In Ohio

mitt romney oh

Photo: AP

With momentum continuing to swing in Mitt Romney’s favour, his presidential campaign is increasingly hopeful that the Republican nominee can win the crucial battleground state of Ohio. In a memo posted to the campaign website this morning, Romney’s political director Rich Beeson writes that the campaign is confident about the candidate’s chances in Ohio, noting that polls show the state is trending in favour of the Republican ticket. 

“The more time Governor Romney has spent in Ohio, the greater his support in the state has grown,” Beeson writes. “As Ohioans hear from the Governor directly, they embrace his message and endorse his candidacy.  The Romney-Ryan campaign will continue to visit Ohio in the days and weeks to come, and will also benefit from surrogate travel into the state.” 

As we have previously noted, Ohio is the must-win state for both candidates this election cycle. Without Ohio, Romney’s path to electoral college victory remains decidedly narrow, requiring the Republican to sweep nearly all of the other battleground states to cross the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to win re-election.

Polls show the race in Ohio is currently tied, with Obama leading Romney by just 2.2 points in the Real Clear Politics Average. 

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