Mitt Romney Is On A Roll With The Not-So-Terrible Polling News

Mitt Romney

Photo: AP

Thursday night brought some of the best polling news in a while for Mitt Romney, as NBC/Marist swing-state polls showed neck-and-neck races with President Obama in Nevada and North Carolina. He also experienced an uptick in Virginia. But the good news in the polls is only in contrast to his awful spate of polling lately, as he still trails Obama in all three states. Moreover, he’s down by a wide margin in New Hampshire. 

In both Nevada and North Carolina, Obama leads Romney by 2 percentage points. There’s more room for Romney with undecideds in North Carolina — 9 per cent are undecided there, compared with just 5 per cent in Nevada. But in a blow, he trails the president 51-44 in New Hampshire.

Here are some good points for Romney In Nevada and North Carolina, two states he must pick up in his most plausible path to electoral college victory:

  • In both states, Obama’s approval rating sits under 50 per cent. In Nevada, his approval rating is underwater compared to his disapproval rating.
  • In both, voters think the country is “off on the wrong track” by a wide margin — 15 per cent more voters in each state chose the option rather than saying it is “heading in the right direction.”
  • Though Romney still seems to have lost his major advantage on the issue of handling the economy, he still runs neck-and-neck with the president in Nevada and North Carolina, compared to other swing states like Ohio where Obama is pulling away.

That’s the optimistic polling news of the day for Romney. However, he’s down 7 in New Hampshire. Only 4 per cent, meanwhile, say they’re undecided there.

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