Mitt Romney Says He Will NOT Be Watching Obama's Big Convention Speech

Mitt Romney


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The entire political world will be watching tonight when Barack Obama takes the stage at the Democratic National Convention — everyone, that is, except for his opponent, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Speaking to reporters in New Hampshire today, Romney said that he doesn’t plan on tuning in to Obama’s speech, dismissing the President’s remarks as more empty promises. 

“If it’s another series of new promises that he’s not going to keep, I have no interest in seeing him,” Romney said, according to the Wall Street Journal“I think this is a time for him not to start restating new promises but to report on the promises he made.” 

Romney’s proclaimed indifference to his opponent’s message echoes the GOP line on tonight’s speech. At a Republican National Committee press conference here in Charlotte today, party leaders basically conceded that Obama’s speech will be inspirational, and made it clear that they plan on basically ignoring the remarks and pivoting back to Obama’s economic record. 

“Tonight, we are going to see an incredible speech,” Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz told reporters. “You know, for a few hours, the oceans may stop rising. But then the speech is going to be over. As with Sherlock Holmes, often what is not said communicates more than what is said. And I suggest we all look to what hasn’t been said.” 

“His rhetoric is terrific,” Cruz added. “But Barack Obama’s policies don’t work.” 

Fortunately for Republicans, the conversation about Obama’s speech won’t last long. Last month’s unemployment numbers are set to come out tomorrow, less than 12 hours after he takes the stage here at the Time Warner Cable Arena. 

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