Mitt Romney Storms Ahead In Another National Poll, Wiping Out A Huge Pre-Debate Obama Lead

Mitt Romney

Photo: AP

Mitt Romney has pulled ahead of President Barack Obama in another national poll. This time, he leads Obama by a razor-thin 45-44 mark in the Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll, gaining a point from Tuesday’s result.The poll — which consists entirely of post-debate interviews — is a 6-point shift from the last Reuters/Ipsos poll before the debate, when Obama led Romney 46-41. 

The key movement for Romney in the Reuters poll has come in shoring up his advantage on the economy and federal debt. Romney now has a lead on which candidate would best handle the economy and “jobs and employment” after being tied or trailing in those issues pre-debate.

Most drastic, though, was the shift on which candidate would best handle the federal budget deficit. Of the respondents, 39 per cent chose Romney, while only 27 per cent said Obama. That’s a 12-point swing from pre-debate, when the candidates were tied at 33 per cent.

Positive signs for Obama: He still holds the advantage on health care, Medicare and taxes, albeit by slim margins on each.

Romney and Obama were tied at 48-48 in Wednesday’s Gallup poll. The Reuters result matches the current Real Clear Politics average, which puts Romney up by a point.  

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