POLL: Romney Has His Biggest Lead Over Obama In Weeks

Mitt Romney happy

Photo: AP

Some good news for Mitt Romney today after spending yesterday getting hammered in his London trip by British press and politicians: He’s leading President Barack Obama in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll by his biggest margin in more than a month. Romney leads Obama, 49 per cent to 44 per cent, in the general election matchup. That nearly mirrors the result on who voters say they trust more to handle the economy. Romney leads there 49-43.

Just last Saturday, though, the two candidates were tied at 46 per cent apiece. Rasmussen notes that “as with any such change in the race, it remains to be seen whether it marks a lasting shift or is merely statistical noise.”

But economic news doesn’t look like it’s going to improve much in the short-term. Friday’s GDP report beat expectations but also showed extremely sluggish growth overall. Consumer confidence, meanwhile, remained at its low point for the year.

Since it’s always fun to compare: On this day in 2008, Obama led Republican nominee John McCain by 5 points — 49 to 44 per cent — in Rasmussen’s daily tracking.  

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